Bi-Partisan Support Driving Solar Energy Development

With this being an election year, I thought it might be interesting to look into renewable/sustainable energy and the possible political ramifications. Political parties’ constituents have different ideas about the need for renewable energy. Do you feel it possible to unite the political leaders on renewable energy legislation? I think we’ve seen that happen with […]

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Solar seems to be a common buzz word, yet a lot of home/business owners do not understand the benefits. This is a basic primer on how to determine whether a home solar electric system will work for you.Number 1- it depends on the available sun (resource), available space for the system size you need, the […]


Solar Energy: Grid vs Battery Storage

As solar power—both giant farms and small rooftop installations—enjoys tremendous growth across the U.S., there’s been pushback from big utility companies. They’ve campaigned to end net metering, in which solar panel owners can return unneeded power they’ve generated to the grid for credit, and to add fees to their bills, calling homeowners and small businesses […]

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Bi-directional Inverters are Reshaping Energy Storage Projects around the World

Converting DC to AC power has been a common part of the mix for renewable energy storage for decades. Renewables like wind and solar generate DC electricity and provide power to/from the grid through the use of unidirectional inverters. But renewable generation is trending away from the model of selling power only to the nearest […]

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Battery Based Energy Trading: Next Step After Reverse Metering?

The combination of battery-based energy storage and solar power already has some electric utilities worried. They believe consumers’ ability to store energy harvested by home solar arrays for later use could be a threat to their business model. Given that, they’re probably not going to like this latest development in energy-storage economics. Consumers with home […]

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Only Sensors Can Prevent Lithium-Ion Battery Fires

Even though they have around three times the energy density of lead acid and NiMH, lithium-ion batteries can be very unstable. The Li-ion batteries in electric vehicles have been known to catch fire following car accidents. The Federal Aviation Administration has even considered a moratorium on shipping the batteries for fear that they could ignite during […]

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Why Hoverboards Keep Exploding

THOSE SELF-BALANCING SCOOTERS that everyone’s calling “hoverboards” don’t actually hover. But that’s not the strangest thing about them—that would be the fact that this year’s most popular holiday gift keeps catching on fire. An exploding two-wheeler burned down a house in Louisiana a few weeks ago; another scooter combusted in the same state in the […]

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