Bi-directional Inverters are Reshaping Energy Storage Projects around the World

Converting DC to AC power has been a common part of the mix for renewable energy storage for decades. Renewables like wind and solar generate DC electricity and provide power to/from the grid through the use of unidirectional inverters. But renewable generation is trending away from the model of selling power only to the nearest buyer, instead leveraging storage to provide long-term and sustainable power, even when there is no sun or wind. While the benefits of clean, renewable power are a draw for many customers,  bi-directional inverters are also helping solve grid-capacity issues and providing the dual-use of a back-up power solution.

Bi-directional inverters are leveraging 200 kW of renewable energy generated by wind and solar coupled with energy storage. These systems can combine a variety of battery technologies into a common system alongside roof-mounted solar. Applications like this set the stage for the next generation of microgrids to be used by communities, businesses and military bases looking for resilient energy supply.

Bi-directional energy storage inverters are helping reshape the storage and renewables industries alike, utilizing advanced digital controls that monitor and manage power in real time. This includes redirecting renewable power to a battery energy storage inverters. While it may seem more complex, these advanced solutions are ultimately simpler as they integrate multiple features, like AC and DC switchgear, more commonly offered only in separate devices that then need to be connected and then integrated.

For renewable electricity producers, the advanced energy storage technology creates a pathway to offering sustainable, cost-effective electricity supply to customers either in a microgrid or a grid-tied application. Similarly, battery companies are now poised to more efficiently store DC generated electricity and charge from the grid during low-demand periods, and then supply end-users with electricity on demand. The advanced storage solutions are helping solve problems large to small, including peak shaving, load shifting and demand response for commercial users, municipalities and even homeowners.

RPE-NA is leading the way with its integrated system of innovative power electronics that provide more flexibility than the majority of available systems today. These systems have been deployed around the world, amounting to more than 220MWS of energy storage enabling distributed energy storage and distribution generation that is both lower cost and more reliable.


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